Baker Steel Capital Managers


A geographically diversified portfolio of globally listed gold and precious metals equities, with a small to mid-cap focus. Managed by London-Sydney based Baker Steel Capital Managers. The Baker Steel Gold Fund (the Fund) is a registered management investment scheme.


The Baker Steel Gold Fund’s objectives[1] are:

  • to provide capital growth over the long-term by investing in a portfolio consisting principally of globally listed gold and precious metal equities, and
  • to outperform the FTSE Gold Mines Index (expressed 50% in USD and 50% in AUD and after fees and expenses) over 5 year rolling periods.


By investing principally in equities of gold and precious metal companies globally, but with an ability to have up to 50% of net asset value invested in gold and precious metal bullion and futures.

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[1] The Investment Objective is not intended to be a forecast. It is only an indication of what the investment strategy aims to achieve over the medium to long term, assuming financial markets remain relatively stable during that time. The Fund may not achieve its Investment Objective. Returns are not guaranteed.