Cor Capital


The Cor Capital Fund seeks to generate stable positive returns, regardless of prevailing economic or financial market conditions.


The performance objective of the Fund is to maximise the total return (income plus growth) above inflation over rolling 3 year periods, with less volatility than the ASX200 Accumulation Index. The Fund aims to deliver relatively smooth returns compared with other investments; investors in the Fund should expect very good performance in some years and moderate performance in others, but should expect to avoid significant falls in the market value of their units.


The Fund strategy is not reliant on market predictions, forecasts or timing for its success. It maintains and carefully manages exposure to a broad range of assets that the Investment Manager considers should perform well as certain stated economic scenarios play out. The Fund invests in equities, precious metals, fixed interest, and cash markets. This combination of non-correlated assets provides for excellent capital protection. It also allows the Manager to identify opportunities and enhance returns more effectively.


Effective 1 January 2018, please see the new PDS roll out (Section 6 – including Fee Changes).Any questions, please contact your investment manager.

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