Riviera Capital


The Investment Manager, Riviera, is part of the Affinity Wealth Services group, and Australian boutique wealth advisory and investment management group based in Sydney.

Affinity Wealth Services Pty Ltd ABN 59 133 479 115 AFSL 402370 (Affinity Wealth Services) is the specialist financial advice arm of the group, and is the sole distributor of the Fund, to its clients directly and through platforms those clients may use.

As a stand-alone investment, this should be considered a high risk and relatively illiquid investment, suitable for patient long term investors with a high risk tolerance and only as part of a balanced portfolio, and so investors are expected to be limited in number and wholesale clients.

Affinity Wealth Services conducts AML/CTF procedures on its clients of course, and the fund administrator has been asked not to double up this process – OneVue has an agreement with Affinity Wealth Services as to these matters.

The Investment Manager aims to use its network to source and invest the Fund into a small but diversified portfolio of assets that are not freely available in the general investment market place, investments that are traditional the domain of the family office market.

Click here for the latest version of the Riviera Special Opportunities Fund No. 1 PDS.

Click here for the latest version of the Riviera CPG Fund No. 2 PDS.