Insync Funds Management


Global Titans Fund (the Fund). Insync believes that investing with a strong focus on capital preservation will lead to superior relative and absolute returns over time. We do this through conservative stock selection from a select pool of exceptional global companies and by actively managing market risk and currency risk. The Fund is a wholesale management investment scheme.


The Fund aims to provide long term capital growth and some income through investment in larger capitalised equity investments and derivatives listed overseas and in Australia which are listed in Australia and offshore. Insync will seek to apply risk management disciplines to these investments as market conditions change. [1]


Only a small number of companies are truly exceptional and they are the ones insync focuses on. We look for large, high quality companies that can consistently grow their dividends and earn high returns on invested capital. Such companies are often in industries under-represented in Australia. If the shares of those companies are attractively priced they become candidates for inclusion in insync’s concentrated Global Titans Fund.

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NB: Please note we have recently moved offices and our new contact details are as follows:

New office address: Level 4, 261 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

New phone number: 02 8094 1255

Our postal address has not changed: GPO Box 1786, Sydney, NSW, 2001


[1] The Investment Objective is not intended to be a forecast. It is only an indication of what the investment strategy aims to achieve over the medium to long term, assuming financial markets remain relatively stable during that time. The Fund may not achieve its Investment Objective. Returns are not guaranteed.