Melling Capital Management


Melling Capital Management Pty Ltd ABN 20 167 165 684 AFSL 467 702 (Manager) has engaged OVRE to provide responsible entity services in relation to the Melling Dynamic Volatility Fund (Fund).

The Fund is a diversified multi-manager portfolio and invests in a broad range of underlying investments, relevantly funds (listed and unlisted) and exchange traded funds, as well as the Australian share market, fixed interest and cash. The Fund will aim to target an annual return of 8% after Investment Management Fees, Administration Fees and Usual Expenses.

As specified in the Offer Document:

  • The investment strategy of the Fund is to achieve high long-term returns whilst controlling investment risk by using a disciplined and thorough investment and portfolio construction process.
  • The Fund will primarily invest in Australian Unit Trusts (including wholesale funds and hedge funds).
  • The Fund will not be managed to track a relative performance against an index, but instead will use a variety of strategies to target a positive annualised return of 8% p.a. after Investment Management Fees and Administration Fees and after Usual Expenses over a period of 10 years, by combining an emphasis on capital preservation during periods of weak investment markets, and a strong capability in risk management to manage medium term asset volatility.


Effective 1 January 2018, please see the new PDS roll out (Section 6 – including Fee Changes).Any questions, please contact your investment manager.

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