NWQ Capital Management


The NWQ Fiduciary Fund is an established multi-manager portfolio that is diversified both across and within three broad investment strategies:

• defensive assets,

• growth assets, and

• hedge assets.


Over rolling five year periods:

  • returns, after management fees and usual expenses, of between 8% and 11% p.a., 
  • volatility less than the Australian equities market.


NWQ actively manages the allocations within each investment strategy made to each portfolio manager, managers that meet stringent criteria and are aligned with NWQ’s core absolute return investment philosophy.

A robust investment process is employed with the aim of generating for investors attractive positive returns, irrespective of market direction, with a moderate risk of loss.

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Please click here for the Annual Report for 30 June 2017.

Please click here for the Annual Report for 30 June 2016.