Reitway Global


The Reitway Global Property Portfolio, is a retail fund that has been approved by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). The fund offers a seamless exposure to a portfolio of distribution-producing global real estate securities. The fund is a Australian domiciled, Australian dollar-denominated collective investment scheme investing in REITs and property-related securities.

While the securities are largely located in the developed markets of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, the fund does not exclude exposure to developing economies where compelling investment opportunities present themselves.


The fund’s primary objective is to generate high current income, however investors will reap the inherent benefits of capital appreciation that come with real estate assets. The portfolio may be invested in global real estate securities and property-related securities. The portfolio’s property exposure will always exceed 75%.


The fund is the essence of diversification and liquid global real estate securities and offers:

  • Attractive yields
  • Long-term capital appreciation
  • Geographic, sector and currency diversification
  • Moderate volatility

Please click here for the latest version of the fund PDS and application form, as well as the Information Booklet.

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