Tyche Group


The Tyche Value Growth Fund is an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulated managed fund, designed and established to specifically facilitate the investment process for SIV and PIV applicants. The Fund is open to other wholesale investors.


Tyche Value Growth Fund - The Fund's objective is to deliver an average return in excess of 12% per annum across the economic cycle. This return is to incorporate both capital growth and a solid income stream through its investments in Australian listed equities, Australian dollar denominated investment grade bonds and or cash products.


Tyche Value Growth Fund - The Fund operates much the same as an absolute return fund, with the objective of generating positive returns in all market conditions. The difference is that the Fund does not use leverage, does not short any positions, and aims to have low turnover relative to the average equity fund.

The Fund will be free to manage its exposures to each of these property subclasses. The Fund’s various property investments will be undertaken with an anticipated time horizon of up to five (5) years, with the possibility of a two (2) year extension subject to Unit holders’ approval. The Fund will have a review period during the second (2nd) year, at which time the Trustee will deliver to Investors the strategy for the Fund’s remaining term, including its proposed wind up date.


Please contact the Manager for a copy of the latest Information Memorandum.